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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool pacman4consoleedit. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Pacman4consoleedit is a command line tool designed for package management on Linux distributions that use the Pacman package manager. It provides a text-based interface for managing and manipulating packages on the system. With this tool, users can perform various package-related operations such as installing, removing, and upgrading packages.

Pacman4consoleedit allows users to search for packages using keywords, view package details, and retrieve information about package dependencies. It also supports the management of package groups, which are collections of related packages. Users can easily install entire groups of packages with a single command.

One of the key features of Pacman4consoleedit is its ability to handle package conflicts. In case of conflicting packages, Pacman4consoleedit presents the user with options to resolve the conflict, such as specifying which version to keep or removing conflicting packages altogether.

Additionally, Pacman4consoleedit provides the functionality to upgrade the entire system by updating all installed packages to their latest versions. It also supports partial upgrades, allowing users to selectively upgrade specific packages.

Overall, Pacman4consoleedit serves as a versatile and powerful tool for managing packages from the command line, providing users with a convenient way to handle package installations, removals, upgrades, and conflict resolutions on their Linux system.

List of commands for pacman4consoleedit:

  • pacman4console:tldr:979df pacman4console: Start the pacman4console level editor, saving to a specified text file.
    $ pacman4consoleedit ${path-to-level_file}
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tool overview