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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool patchwork. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Patchwork is a command line tool used for managing and applying patches to source code. It is primarily designed for use with projects that use the Git version control system.

Patchwork provides a convenient way to manage patches received from various contributors or maintainers. It acts as a patch tracking system and helps to organize and keep track of patches in an efficient manner.

The tool allows users to apply patches to their codebase without directly modifying the original source files. This makes it easier to review and test patches before incorporating them into the project.

Patchwork provides features such as patch submission, acceptance or rejection management, and patch series tracking. It enables collaboration among multiple contributors by providing a centralized platform for patch review and discussion.

The tool maintains a database of patches, allowing users to search, filter, and sort patches based on various attributes such as author, status, or project. This makes it easier to find and work with specific patches.

Patchwork also integrates with email clients, allowing for easy submission and review of patches via email. It can parse patch emails and automatically add them to the patch database.

The tool provides a web interface that allows users to browse and manage patches through a graphical interface. This makes it accessible and convenient for users who prefer a visual way of working.

Patchwork supports various patch formats, including the traditional unified diff format and the Git specific format. It can handle large and complex patch series with ease.

The tool provides extensive filtering and sorting capabilities, allowing users to view and manage patches based on different criteria. It also supports customizable workflows to fit specific project needs.

Patchwork is an open-source project maintained by the Linux kernel community and is widely used in the open-source software development domain. It is actively developed, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

List of commands for patchwork:

  • patchwork:tldr:0b055 patchwork: Render a `svg` image with the specified output filename (lowercase -o).
    $ patchwork -T ${svg} -o ${path-to-image-svg} ${path-to-input-gv}
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  • patchwork:tldr:18a0c patchwork: Display help.
    $ patchwork -?
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  • patchwork:tldr:8113f patchwork: Render a `png` image with a filename based on the input filename and output format (uppercase -O).
    $ patchwork -T ${png} -O ${path-to-input-gv}
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tool overview