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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool pfpod. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


pfpod is a command line tool used for managing and interacting with pods in your Kubernetes cluster.

  1. It provides a simplified, user-friendly interface for handling pod-related tasks efficiently.
  2. It allows users to list and view information about the pods in their cluster, such as their status, IP addresses, and resource utilization.
  3. Users can create new pods easily using pfpod, specifying the desired image, resource requirements, and other relevant configurations.
  4. Additionally, pfpod supports deploying pods from a YAML or JSON file, simplifying the process of scaling applications.
  5. It allows users to delete unwanted pods and control their termination gracefully, ensuring no data loss.
  6. With pfpod, users can update the configuration of existing pods without the need for creating new ones.
  7. It facilitates the efficient management of pod logs, making it easy to view and analyze application logs for debugging purposes.
  8. Pfpod also supports forwarding local ports to the pods, enabling users to access services running within the cluster.
  9. It provides options for executing commands within pods, allowing users to interact with the running application directly.
  10. Finally, pfpod offers built-in support for Kubernetes namespaces, allowing users to manage pods in multiple environments simultaneously.

List of commands for pfpod:

tool overview