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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool pkcon. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Pkcon is a powerful command line tool used in Linux-based operating systems, specifically designed for package management. It stands for PackageKit console, which is a high-level frontend to various package management systems. It provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the package manager and perform various operations.

With pkcon, users can search, install, remove, update, and upgrade packages effortlessly. It supports multiple package management systems, such as APT, DNF, Zypper, and Yum, making it compatible with various Linux distributions.

One of the notable features of pkcon is its ability to perform tasks without requiring root privileges. This enables users to manage packages without the need for administrative access, making it convenient for non-root users.

Pkcon also supports transactional package updates, allowing users to perform operations like rolling back or canceling package changes if necessary. It simplifies the package management process and reduces the risk of system instability caused by faulty updates.

Additionally, pkcon integrates with various graphical package managers, enabling users to seamlessly switch between command line and graphical interfaces for package management.

Overall, pkcon is a versatile and efficient command line tool that enhances the package management experience in Linux, providing users with a convenient and powerful way to interact with their system's software repositories.

List of commands for pkcon:

tool overview