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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool pve-firewall. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


PVE-Firewall is a command line tool designed for managing the firewall rules in Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE), an open-source server virtualization platform.

With PVE-Firewall, administrators can configure and control network traffic flow to and from the virtual machines (VMs) running in PVE.

The tool provides a simple and intuitive interface to add, remove, or modify firewall rules in PVE. It allows administrators to define rules based on source and destination IP addresses, ports, protocols, as well as other criteria.

PVE-Firewall supports both incoming and outgoing traffic filtering, enabling administrators to secure and regulate access to VMs. This helps in protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access.

The tool utilizes the powerful netfilter framework in the Linux kernel to implement the firewall functionality. It leverages iptables and ipset to create and manage the firewall rules efficiently.

PVE-Firewall supports the configuration of both basic and advanced rules, allowing fine-grained control over the network traffic. It also includes features like network address translation (NAT) and port forwarding.

Administrators can save and load firewall rulesets, making it easier to replicate configurations across multiple PVE instances or restore previously saved configurations.

PVE-Firewall provides logging capabilities to track the network activity and troubleshoot potential issues. Logs can be analyzed to identify suspicious or malicious traffic.

The tool integrates seamlessly with other PVE components, allowing administrators to manage the firewall rules alongside virtual machines, storage, and other infrastructure aspects from a unified command line interface.

PVE-Firewall simplifies the management of firewall rules in PVE environments, ensuring network security and enabling administrators to have fine-grained control over the network traffic flowing to and from VMs.

List of commands for pve-firewall:

tool overview