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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool renice. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


renice is a command line tool used in Unix-like operating systems, including Linux and macOS. It is used to adjust the priority of running processes. The tool takes a process ID (PID) or a process name as an argument. It allows users with sufficient privileges to change the scheduling priority of a running process.

The priority of a process determines the level of access to system resources, such as CPU time and memory. By default, all processes are assigned a priority level, with higher values indicating lower priority. The renice command allows users to modify this priority level.

Renice operates by assigning a new priority value to the specified process. The utility provides a range of priority values, typically between -20 (highest priority) and 19 (lowest priority). Negative values require root privileges.

Renice is often used to adjust process priorities to ensure critical tasks receive sufficient resources. For example, a user may decrease the priority of a background process to allocate more resources to a foreground process.

The command can also be utilized to increase priority and elevate the responsiveness of a specific process. It can be useful when running computationally intensive tasks.

Renice is useful in scenarios where resource allocation needs to be adjusted on the fly without terminating and restarting a process. It provides greater control over system resource management.

Using renice requires understanding the relationship between priority levels and their impact on system performance. Incorrectly setting priorities may lead to unintended consequences, such as resource starvation or system instability.

The utility can be combined with other command line tools, such as top or ps, to identify and prioritize processes accurately.

Renice is a powerful tool for system administrators and advanced users who need fine-grained control over process prioritization and resource allocation.

List of commands for renice:

  • renice:tldr:7033b renice: Change priority of all processes owned by a user.
    $ renice -n ${niceness_value} -u ${user}
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  • renice:tldr:9fdfd renice: Change priority of a running process.
    $ renice -n ${niceness_value} -p ${pid}
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  • renice:tldr:f373a renice: Change priority of all processes that belong to a process group.
    $ renice -n ${niceness_value} --pgrp ${process_group}
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tool overview