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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool reptyr. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Reptyr is a command-line tool designed for Linux systems that allows you to take control of a running process, attaching it to a different terminal. It is particularly useful in situations when you want to move a running process from one terminal session to another, or if you want to reconnect to a detached process.

Reptyr works by injecting itself into the target process and forcefully taking over its control. It does this by creating a child process which assumes the control of the original process, effectively transferring it to the new terminal session.

One of the main advantages of reptyr is that it works with both interactive and non-interactive processes. This means that you can attach any running process, even if it is not designed to interact with the terminal.

Reptyr does not require any special privileges or permissions, but it does require the target process to be running in the same user context as the executing user.

While reptyr is a powerful tool, it is worth mentioning that it may not work in all cases. Some programs may have their own unique conditions or limitations that prevent seamless transfer to a different terminal. However, reptyr is generally a reliable tool for most processes running on Linux systems.

List of commands for reptyr:

  • reptyr:tldr:8e09d reptyr: Move a running process to your current terminal.
    $ reptyr ${pid}
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tool overview