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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool rpm2cpio. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Rpm2cpio is a command line tool used to extract the contents of RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) files. It is primarily used in Linux distributions that use the RPM package management system. The tool converts the RPM package into a cpio archive format. Cpio is a widely used archival format in Unix-like operating systems.

By running the rpm2cpio command followed by the RPM file name, the tool extracts the package contents without installing them. This allows users to inspect the files in an RPM package without actually installing it on their system. It is particularly useful for troubleshooting package issues or examining the contents before installation.

The extracted files can be saved to a specific directory using the redirection operator. This gives users control over where the files are extracted to, making it easier to organize and manage the extracted contents. Rpm2cpio is a lightweight and efficient tool, providing a simple and straightforward solution for extracting the contents of RPM packages. It is a valuable utility in the Linux command line toolkit for package management and system administration tasks.

List of commands for rpm2cpio:

  • rpm2cpio:tldr:64821 rpm2cpio: Convert an RPM package to a `cpio` archive and save it as `file.cpio` in the current directory.
    $ rpm2cpio ${filename-rpm}}
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tool overview