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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool rt. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


"rt" is a command line tool that stands for "record text." It is a simple and efficient utility that allows users to quickly jot down notes or create a to-do list from the command line. The tool operates by appending text entered on the command line to a text file, making it easy to keep track of tasks or ideas. Users can use the command "rt" followed by their note or task, and it will be saved to the text file for future reference. The text file can be customized to fit the user's preference, such as choosing a specific directory or filename. One of the key advantages of "rt" is that it eliminates the need to open a separate application or window to take quick notes. The tool is lightweight and requires minimal resources to run, making it suitable for low-powered devices or remote servers. Additionally, the text file can be easily accessed, modified, or backed up using various command line tools or scripts. "rt" is a versatile and convenient command line tool for individuals who prefer a streamlined approach to note-taking and task management. With its simplicity and efficiency, "rt" can enhance productivity by reducing the time and effort required for basic notekeeping.

List of commands for rt:

  • rainbowstream:tldr:87a33 rainbowstream: Retweet the tweet with given ID (ID is beside the time).
    $ rt ${tweet_id}
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tool overview