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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool serverless. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Serverless is a command-line tool used for developing and deploying serverless applications. It allows developers to easily build and deploy applications without having to manage servers or infrastructure. It supports multiple cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, making it flexible for different deployment environments.

Using the serverless framework, developers can write functions in languages like JavaScript, Python, or Java and easily deploy them as serverless functions. It provides a higher level of abstraction over the cloud provider's APIs, making it simpler to work with cloud resources.

Serverless supports event-driven architectures, where functions are triggered by events such as incoming HTTP requests, database changes, or file uploads. This allows developers to build scalable and responsive applications.

The tool also provides features for handling authentication and authorization, implementing APIs, managing state, and handling offline development and testing. It supports the concept of serverless plugins, allowing developers to extend its capabilities or integrate with other tools.

Serverless has a thriving open-source community and an active ecosystem of plugins, templates, and samples that can be leveraged to accelerate development. It is widely used in the industry for building microservices, web applications, and IoT applications.

Serverless deployments are typically cost-effective as users only pay for the resources consumed while their functions are executed, rather than provisioning and paying for full server instances. This makes it suitable for applications with variable or sporadic workloads.

The tool provides detailed logging and monitoring capabilities, allowing developers to track the performance and usage of their serverless functions. It also supports auto-scaling of functions based on the incoming load, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention.

Serverless is easy to install and use, with a well-documented set of commands and options. It simplifies the provisioning and management of cloud resources, enabling developers to focus more on building and iterating on their applications.

Overall, serverless is a powerful command-line tool that empowers developers to build and deploy scalable, event-driven applications with ease, abstracting away the complexities of managing servers and infrastructure.

List of commands for serverless:

tool overview