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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool sindresorhus. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Sindresorhus is not a command line tool, but rather a software developer and open-source enthusiast. He is well-known in the tech community for creating various popular command line tools and libraries.

One of the most famous tools created by Sindresorhus is "npm-run-all," which allows developers to run multiple npm scripts sequentially, in parallel, or even across different npm packages.

Another notable tool is "xo", which is an opinionated linter for JavaScript code. It helps enforce common code guidelines and best practices.

Sindresorhus has also developed "got," a powerful HTTP request library for Node.js that is known for its simplicity and extensive features.

Another useful creation is "ava," a minimalist and futuristic test runner for JavaScript. With its concise syntax and excellent parallel execution, it has gained popularity among developers.

Sindresorhus has contributed to numerous open-source projects and has released hundreds of small, yet highly useful, libraries on platforms like npm and GitHub.

He is also known for his attention to detail and meticulousness in maintaining his projects. His tools often have robust documentation, high test coverage, and active community involvement.

Sindresorhus has received accolades for his contributions and has earned the trust of many developers who rely on his tools and libraries in their daily workflows.

In addition to command line tools, Sindresorhus has created browser extensions, workflows for popular IDEs, and even custom emojis for Slack. He constantly explores new domains and strives to create innovative solutions to simplify developer workflows.

Sindresorhus is highly respected and admired for his passion for open-source and his commitment to continuously improving the developer experience. His tools and libraries have revolutionized the way developers work and have become invaluable assets in the tech community.

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