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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool tailpod. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Tailpod is a command line tool used for viewing the real-time logs of Kubernetes pods. It provides a simplified interface for tailing logs, specifically designed for Kubernetes applications. With Tailpod, developers and operators can easily monitor and troubleshoot their containerized applications without needing to switch between multiple tools.

One of the notable features of Tailpod is its ability to handle multiple pods simultaneously, allowing users to monitor logs from different pods across various namespaces in a single command. This efficient multitasking capability makes it highly convenient for managing large-scale Kubernetes deployments.

Tailpod also supports filtering logs based on various criteria, such as pod name, namespace, container name, and labels. This enables users to narrow down their focus and quickly identify the relevant logs for troubleshooting purposes.

Furthermore, Tailpod provides color-coded output to distinguish different log levels, making it easier to spot errors or critical information at a glance. It also supports human-readable timestamps, allowing users to easily track the sequence of events in real-time.

By default, Tailpod continuously streams new logs as they appear, but it also offers the option to specify a time limit or a maximum number of lines to fetch. This ensures that users only receive logs within their desired range, saving system resources and avoiding information overload.

Tailpod is written in Go programming language, which makes it lightweight and resource-efficient. It can be installed as a standalone binary, making the installation and setup process hassle-free.

In conclusion, Tailpod is a powerful command line tool that simplifies and enhances log monitoring and troubleshooting for Kubernetes pods. Its multitasking capabilities, filtering options, color-coded output, and other features make it a valuable asset for developers and operators working with containerized applications in Kubernetes environments.

List of commands for tailpod:

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