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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool texdoc. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Texdoc is a command line tool used to retrieve documentation for TeX-related packages and documents. It is typically used to quickly and easily access the documentation for various LaTeX packages and classes.

Texdoc is included in most TeX distributions and can be accessed by typing "texdoc" followed by a package or document name in the command line. It provides a convenient way to search for documentation without the need to manually locate and open separate PDF or HTML files.

Texdoc automatically searches a predefined set of locations in the TeX distribution to find the desired documentation. It can search for both user-installed packages as well as those included in the default installation.

The tool provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate through the available documentation using standard keyboard shortcuts. It supports both command line options and interactive mode, which allows users to interactively search for packages or documents.

Texdoc also supports various file formats, including PDF, HTML, and plain text. It automatically detects the appropriate viewer application on the system to open the requested documentation.

Texdoc offers a variety of search options, such as searching by name, topic, or keyword. It also includes an "all" option, which displays a list of all available documentation.

Texdoc is a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced TeX users, as it helps locate and access the extensive collection of documentation available for TeX-related packages and documents. It saves time and effort by providing a centralized and easy-to-use interface for accessing the necessary information.

List of commands for texdoc:

  • texdoc:tldr:060fc texdoc: List the best search results.
    $ texdoc --list ${search}
    try on your machine
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  • texdoc:tldr:f6939 texdoc: Open the first search result in the default PDF viewer.
    $ texdoc ${search}
    try on your machine
    explain this command
tool overview