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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool tox-quickstart. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Tox-quickstart is a command line tool used to generate a basic Tox configuration file. Tox itself is a generic virtualenv management and test command line tool.

By using tox-quickstart, developers can quickly set up their project's tox configuration with minimal effort. It automatically generates a template tox.ini file based on user preferences and project requirements.

Tox-quickstart prompts users for inputs such as test environments, test commands, and additional dependencies. It offers default suggestions and allows users to accept or modify them based on their needs.

Developers can specify different test environments, such as different Python versions, different interpreters, or even test against multiple operating systems. These environments are defined in the generated tox.ini file.

Tox-quickstart also provides options for configuring various testing environments, such as linting, style checks, and code coverage. It generates the necessary configuration sections within the tox.ini file for these purposes.

The generated tox.ini file is ready to use immediately after running tox-quickstart. Developers can then run tox to execute the defined test environments and commands specified in the file.

Tox-quickstart helps ensure consistent test environments for different developers or CI/CD systems by providing an easy configuration setup. This allows for smooth integration and collaboration among team members.

It is a popular tool within the Python community and is widely used for projects that leverage tox for their testing and virtual environment management needs.

Tox-quickstart aims to simplify the initial setup process and reduce the manual effort required in creating a functional tox configuration file.

Overall, tox-quickstart streamlines the process of configuring and setting up test environments with tox, providing a convenient solution for Python developers.

List of commands for tox-quickstart:

tool overview