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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool Test-Json. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The Test-Json command line tool is a PowerShell cmdlet that helps in testing the JSON format of a file or a string. It is primarily used to validate whether a given input follows the JSON syntax rules or not.

By using the Test-Json tool, one can quickly verify if the JSON data is correctly structured without having to parse it fully. It performs a lightweight validation check on the input JSON data and returns a Boolean value indicating if it is valid or not.

The tool can be used with file paths to validate the JSON content of a file, or it can directly accept a JSON string as an argument. It is commonly used in automated testing scenarios to ensure JSON files or data are in the expected format before further processing.

The Test-Json cmdlet evaluates the structural correctness of JSON data, including checking for proper nesting, matching brackets, and syntax adherence. However, it does not perform any semantic validation or verify if the data conforms to a specific schema or set of rules.

If the JSON input does not comply with the syntax requirements, the Test-Json tool will provide details about the error encountered, helping users identify and rectify the issue.

Test-Json is a handy command line tool for quick JSON validation tasks, providing developers with a simple and efficient method of checking JSON data integrity and structure.

List of commands for Test-Json:

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