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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool archlinux-java. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Archlinux-java is a command line tool specifically designed for Arch Linux operating system. It is used to manage different Java environments on an Arch Linux system. The tool allows users to switch between different Java Development Kit (JDK) versions effortlessly.

With archlinux-java, users can list all installed JDKs on their system and set default JDK for their user or system-wide. It provides a convenient way to manage multiple Java versions and switch between them without any hassle. Additionally, archlinux-java also offers options to check the status of the current Java environment.

The tool operates by modifying symbolic links that point to the desired JDK version, making it easy to configure the runtime environment. Users can also configure environment variables for specific Java versions using archlinux-java. This can be particularly useful when building or running Java applications that require a specific JDK environment.

Moreover, archlinux-java provides a clean and efficient way to manage JDK installations, ensuring optimal compatibility and flexibility for Java development on Arch Linux. It simplifies the process of maintaining multiple Java environments, keeping the system organized and efficient.

Archlinux-java is an essential tool for developers working with Java on an Arch Linux system, allowing them to easily switch between different JDK versions as per their requirements. By utilizing this tool, users can maintain consistency and compatibility while working on various Java projects.

List of commands for archlinux-java:

tool overview