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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool chcpu. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The command line tool "chcpu" is used in Unix-like operating systems for managing and configuring the characteristics of different CPUs on a system. It enables system administrators to modify the online state, offline state, or topology of a processor.

The tool allows users to view information about the processors available on the system, including the number of processors, their layouts, and status. It provides options to disable or enable specific CPUs, modify their topology, or change their affinity to specific nodes or tasks.

One common use of chcpu is to diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to CPU hot-plugging, where CPUs can be added or removed from a running system without a reboot. It allows administrators to dynamically modify the CPU configuration to test system stability or identify performance bottlenecks.

The chcpu command accepts various parameters, such as -c to specify the processor number, -d to disable a processor, -e to enable a processor, and -n to display the topology and status of the processors.

To use chcpu effectively, one must have the appropriate system permissions, typically as the root user or with sudo privileges. Additionally, the tool relies on the availability of appropriate hardware and firmware support for CPU hot-plugging capabilities.

Before using chcpu, it is essential to consult the system documentation or seek guidance from experienced administrators to ensure proper usage and prevent potential issues or system instability.

Overall, chcpu is a versatile command-line tool that provides administrators with flexibility in managing CPU characteristics and optimizing system performance in Unix-like operating environments.

List of commands for chcpu:

  • chcpu:tldr:991c3 chcpu: Disable CPUs via a list of CPU ID numbers.
    $ chcpu -d ${1,3}
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  • chcpu:tldr:e35c0 chcpu: Enable a set of CPUs via a range of CPU ID numbers.
    $ chcpu -e ${1-10}
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tool overview