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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool cockpit-tls. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Cockpit-tls is a command-line tool used for generating and managing Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates in the Cockpit management interface.

TLS certificates are essential for establishing secure connections between clients and servers over a network. They ensure encryption, authentication, and data integrity during communication.

With cockpit-tls, you can generate self-signed TLS certificates, or you can provide your own Certificate Authority (CA) to sign the certificates. Self-signed certificates are suitable for testing or internal use, while CA-signed certificates are necessary for production environments.

The tool allows you to create key files and certificate signing requests (CSRs) that can be used to obtain signed certificates from a CA. Moreover, it provides the functionality to manage private keys and certificates, including renewal and revocation.

Cockpit-tls simplifies the process of managing TLS certificates by providing easy-to-use commands and options. It helps administrators secure their Cockpit instances and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of remote server management.

The tool also supports automated certificate renewal through integration with Let's Encrypt, a popular certificate authority providing free SSL/TLS certificates. This ensures that your certificates stay valid without manual intervention.

Cockpit-tls integrates seamlessly with the Cockpit interface, making it convenient to manage TLS certificates directly from the central management console.

By enabling TLS encryption, cockpit-tls enhances the security of remote server management and protects sensitive data transmitted over the network.

With its comprehensive features and integration capabilities, cockpit-tls is a valuable tool for administrators working with Cockpit to establish secure and trusted connections for remote management tasks.

List of commands for cockpit-tls:

tool overview