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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool dphys-swapfile. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


dphys-swapfile is a command line tool that manages swap space on a Raspberry Pi. The tool is designed to automate the process of setting up and managing swap files on a Raspberry Pi device. It creates a swap file in the Linux filesystem and configures the system to use it as virtual memory. dphys-swapfile automatically determines the optimal size for the swap file based on the available RAM on the device. The tool can be configured to resize the swap file dynamically, adjusting its size depending on the system's memory requirements. It allows users to enable or disable the swap file, providing flexibility in managing the device's memory usage. dphys-swapfile also offers options to customize the swap file's location, permissions, and other parameters. It provides a simple and efficient way to increase the available memory on a Raspberry Pi, improving system performance when dealing with memory-intensive tasks. The tool is part of the dphys-config package and is typically pre-installed on most Raspberry Pi distributions. Overall, dphys-swapfile simplifies the process of managing swap space on a Raspberry Pi, making it an essential utility for optimizing system performance and managing memory efficiently.

List of commands for dphys-swapfile:

tool overview