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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool eix. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Eix is an open-source command line tool that is used to search and display information about packages in Gentoo Linux distributions. It provides a fast and efficient way to query the Gentoo package manager's database, known as the Portage tree.

With Eix, users can search for specific package names, keywords, or descriptions, helping them find the right software for their needs. It supports various search options, including fuzzy matching, regular expressions, and case insensitivity, making it flexible and user-friendly.

Eix retrieves data directly from the Portage tree, ensuring the most up-to-date package information is available. It uses a pre-built database that is continuously updated by the user or their package manager, making searches quick and efficient.

The tool offers a variety of output formats, including a simple list, detailed package information, and a compact summary with key details. Users can customize the output to suit their preferences and choose which data elements to display.

Eix also provides advanced filtering capabilities, allowing users to refine their search results based on package properties such as version, use flags, dependencies, or repository. This helps users narrow down their choices and find packages that meet specific criteria.

The tool also offers features like updating the Portage tree database, synchronizing local package information, and checking for outdated packages. This helps users maintain their system's software up-to-date, ensuring security and stability.

Eix is written in C++ and is known for its fast and efficient performance, making it a popular choice among Gentoo Linux users. It is regularly maintained and supported by a community of contributors, ensuring its functionality and reliability.

Overall, Eix is a powerful and flexible command line tool for searching and managing packages in Gentoo Linux. Its speed, customizability, and advanced filtering options make it an essential tool for Gentoo users who want to stay on top of their software ecosystem.

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