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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool elvish. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Elvish is a powerful command line tool and scripting language that aims to provide a user-friendly and expressive environment for interactive shell use and system automation. Here are some key aspects of Elvish:

  1. Language Features: Elvish is designed to be easy to use and allows users to write shell scripts using a modern and expressive language. It provides features such as auto-completion, error messages with source locations, closures, namespaces, higher-order functions, and more.

  2. Interactive Shell: Elvish provides an interactive shell experience with features like syntax highlighting, command completion, and an intuitive user interface. It focuses on enhancing user productivity by making the shell more user-friendly and customizable.

  3. Scripting & Automation: Elvish can be used as a powerful scripting language for automating system tasks. It supports things like processes, streams, file system manipulation, networking, and interaction with external commands.

  4. Cross-platform Support: Elvish is designed to be platform-agnostic and works on various operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. It aims to provide a consistent experience across different platforms.

  5. Extensibility: Elvish is extensible through the use of modules and user-defined functions. It also offers the capability to create custom commands and shell functions, allowing users to tailor the shell to their specific needs.

Overall, Elvish aims to provide an improved and user-friendly command line experience by combining the power of a scripting language with a modern interactive shell interface. It is an actively maintained project and continues to evolve with new updates and features.

List of commands for elvish:

tool overview