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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool fprint-verify. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


fprint-verify is a command-line tool used for fingerprint verification in biometric systems.

  1. It is primarily designed to verify the identity of an individual based on their fingerprint.
  2. The tool utilizes fingerprint recognition algorithms and compares the captured fingerprint against a database of pre-registered fingerprints.
  3. It can process fingerprint images in various formats including grayscale, BMP, PNG, and JPEG.
  4. The tool performs a series of complex calculations to extract unique features or minutiae points from the fingerprint image.
  5. It then compares these extracted features with the stored fingerprints to determine if there is a match or not.
  6. fprint-verify provides a simple yet powerful interface to interact with the biometric system for verification purposes.
  7. Apart from the match/non-match result, the tool can also generate a similarity score, indicating the degree of similarity between the captured fingerprint and the registered fingerprint.
  8. It supports various verification modes such as one-to-one matching and one-to-many matching.
  9. fprint-verify can be integrated into larger systems or workflows to enhance security measures and provide reliable authentication.
  10. Being a command-line tool, it can be easily automated or scripted to perform batch processing, making it suitable for large-scale fingerprint verification tasks.

List of commands for fprint-verify:

  • fprintd-verify:tldr:6195c fprintd-verify: Fail the process if a fingerprint doesn't match with ones stored in the database for the current user.
    $ fprint-verify --g-fatal-warnings
    try on your machine
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  • fprintd-verify:tldr:80944 fprintd-verify: Verify fingerprints for a specific user.
    $ fprint-verify ${username}
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tool overview