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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool from. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The "from" command line tool is a powerful utility used to extract specific fields or columns from files or command output. It allows you to manipulate textual data efficiently by selecting particular fields without displaying the entire contents.

You can use the "from" command line tool to parse structured data like CSV or TSV files, where each line represents a record with various fields. By specifying field numbers or names, you can extract only the desired fields from the file.

The tool supports the use of delimiters, such as tabs or commas, to separate fields in the input data. This makes it versatile for handling different file formats.

In addition to extracting fields, "from" can also filter or process the data further by applying conditions. You can perform operations like sorting, removing duplicate records, or performing arithmetic calculations on specific columns.

The "from" command line tool provides various options for customization, including setting output separators, specifying input field types, or defining custom field names.

It is designed to handle large datasets efficiently and can process data quickly, making it ideal for tasks involving big data analysis or data manipulation.

The tool is widely available on Unix-like operating systems like Linux and macOS. It is commonly used in combination with other command line tools like "awk," "grep," or "sort" to process data pipelines efficiently.

From" is part of the "util-linux" package in most Linux distributions and is also available as a standalone package.

The "from" command line tool is highly flexible and can be integrated into scripts or workflows to automate data processing tasks.

Overall, the "from" command line tool is a valuable tool for extracting and manipulating specific fields from files or command output, providing a versatile solution for data processing.

List of commands for from:

tool overview