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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool funzip. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Funzip is a command line tool used for extracting the contents of a ZIP archive. It is part of the GNU suite of utilities designed for working with ZIP files.

To use funzip, you need to have the GNU version of the unzip utility installed on your system. Funzip simplifies the process of extracting the compressed data from a ZIP archive.

The utility works by reading a ZIP archive from standard input and extracts the compressed files or data streams from it. It doesn't create any directories or manage file permissions during extraction, as it focuses solely on the decompression process.

One of the advantages of funzip is its simplicity. It performs a single task: extracting the compressed data from a ZIP archive. This makes it lightweight and efficient to use.

Funzip is typically used in conjunction with other command line tools to process the extracted data further, such as passing the output to another program for further manipulation or analysis.

It offers several options to control its behavior, such as extracting files that match specific patterns or preserving file attributes during extraction.

Funzip supports handling ZIP archives created using various compression algorithms, including deflate, stored, and bzip2.

While funzip is a lightweight utility, it lacks the advanced features found in more comprehensive ZIP tools like unzip. It's best suited for simple extraction tasks when you don't require additional functionality.

Overall, funzip is a powerful and straightforward command line tool for extracting the contents of a ZIP archive, providing a quick and efficient way to retrieve the compressed data.

List of commands for funzip:

  • funzip:tldr:c20a1 funzip: Decrypt a `.zip` or `.gz` archive and print the content.
    $ funzip -password ${password} ${path-to-archive}
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  • funzip:tldr:e2884 funzip: Print the content of the first member in a `.zip` archive.
    $ funzip ${path-to-archive-zip}
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tool overview