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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool gnatmake. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


GNATMAKE is a command-line tool provided by the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) package, which is part of the GNAT Compiler technology developed by AdaCore. GNATMAKE is primarily used for compiling and managing Ada programs.

Some key features and functionalities of gnatmake are:

  1. Compilation: GNATMAKE automatically handles the compilation process for Ada programs. It analyzes the source code dependencies, compiles the necessary source files, and links them together to produce the executable.

  2. Dependency management: GNATMAKE tracks the dependencies between Ada source files. It automatically determines which files need to be recompiled based on changes made to the source code or dependencies.

  3. Build management: GNATMAKE provides build management functionality to simplify the creation and organization of complex Ada projects. It can build projects consisting of multiple source files, libraries, and configuration files.

  4. Configuration files: GNATMAKE utilizes project files, known as gpr files, to define project-specific settings and dependencies. These files allow users to specify compiler options, linker flags, project dependencies, and other configuration parameters.

  5. Compilation modes: GNATMAKE supports different compilation modes, such as production mode, debug mode, and optimization mode. Users can choose the appropriate mode based on their requirements.

  6. Integration with GPS: GNATMAKE integrates seamlessly with GPS, which is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Ada programming. Developers can utilize GNATMAKE commands within GPS to compile, build, and manage their Ada projects.

Overall, GNATMAKE is a powerful and flexible command-line tool for managing Ada projects, handling compilation, and efficiently building Ada programs. It simplifies the development process and ensures efficient compilation and linking of Ada source files.

List of commands for gnatmake:

  • gnatmake:tldr:32091 gnatmake: Compile an executable.
    $ gnatmake ${source_file1-adb source_file2-adb ---}
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  • gnatmake:tldr:4ea09 gnatmake: Set a custom executable name.
    $ gnatmake -o ${executable_name} ${source_file-adb}
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  • gnatmake:tldr:e6730 gnatmake: [f]orce recompilation.
    $ gnatmake -f ${source_file-adb}
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tool overview