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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool i3status. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


i3status is a command line tool used to generate and display a status bar for the i3 window manager. It provides essential information about the system and the user's environment. The status bar's use is to offer a quick and convenient overview of various system and application data.

i3status is highly customizable, allowing users to configure the appearance and content of the status bar to suit their preferences. Users can define which information is displayed, such as the time, date, CPU usage, RAM usage, disk space, battery status, network information, and more.

The tool is written in C and is developed specifically for the i3 window manager, making it lightweight, efficient, and tightly integrated. It communicates with i3wm using the i3bar protocol.

i3status supports various external scripts and plugins, enabling users to extend its functionality further. These can be used to display additional information or perform actions when specific events occur.

The status bar provided by i3status can be configured to have clickable areas that trigger actions, allowing users to interact with the system directly through the status bar.

The output of i3status can be formatted and styled using various options, including color settings, alignment, separators, and icons.

i3status is actively maintained and updated by the i3 community, ensuring that it remains compatible with the latest versions of i3wm and is regularly enhanced with new features and improvements.

The tool is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, making it free and open-source software.

There are alternative status bar generators available for i3wm, but i3status remains a popular and widely used choice due to its simplicity, flexibility, and seamless integration with i3wm.

Overall, i3status is a powerful and customizable status bar generator that provides users with a wealth of system information in a compact and easily accessible format.

List of commands for i3status:

  • i3status:tldr:05635 i3status: Print the status line to `stdout` periodically, using the default configuration.
    $ i3status
    try on your machine
    explain this command
  • i3status:tldr:3d44b i3status: Print the status line to `stdout` periodically, using a specific configuration.
    $ i3status -c ${path-to-i3status-conf}
    try on your machine
    explain this command
  • i3status:tldr:5ce52 i3status: Display the `i3status` version and help.
    $ i3status -h
    try on your machine
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tool overview