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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool latte-dock. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Latte-dock is a command line tool known as a dock or panel for the Plasma desktop environment used in KDE. It is designed to provide a customizable and feature-rich application launcher and task manager.

With latte-dock, users can easily create multiple docks on their desktop, each with its own set of widgets, app launchers, task managers, and system indicators. This allows for a highly personalized and productive desktop workspace.

One of the key features of latte-dock is its support for different layout styles like Unity, macOS, Windows, and more. Users can choose their preferred layout and customize it further with various animations, sizes, and positioning options.

Latte-dock also offers advanced functionality like auto-hide, intelligent window blocking, different panel modes, and versatile handling of app windows. It provides built-in support for global menus, multi-screen setups, and various Plasma features, allowing for a seamless integration into the desktop environment.

Furthermore, latte-dock supports customizing docks for specific activities or different display setups, making it highly adaptable to individual workflow preferences. It also facilitates theming and customization options to match the user's desktop environment or personal style.

Overall, latte-dock is a command line tool that enhances the Plasma desktop experience, providing a visually appealing and highly functional dock or panel for efficient application management and task monitoring.

List of commands for latte-dock:

tool overview