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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool llvm-bcanalyzer. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


llvm-bcanalyzer is a command line tool included in the LLVM toolchain, which is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. The llvm-bcanalyzer tool is specifically designed to analyze and inspect the contents of LLVM bitcode files.

The tool allows users to view and interpret the low-level details of bitcode files by providing various options and functionalities. It can parse and analyze bitcode files in different formats such as LLVM IR, assembly, or binary.

The llvm-bcanalyzer tool provides insights into the structure and properties of the bitcode files, including information about functions, modules, global variables, types, and control flow graphs. It can display information in both human-readable and machine-readable formats.

The tool can perform validation checks on the bitcode files, ensuring their integrity and adherence to the LLVM bitcode file format specifications. It can detect errors and inconsistencies, reporting them to assist in debugging and troubleshooting.

llvm-bcanalyzer supports numerous command line options to customize the analysis process, including options to output statistics, display specific details, dump sections, and summarize the contents of the bitcode files.

By default, llvm-bcanalyzer analyzes the input bitcode file and produces a summary of its contents, including a list of functions, types, and global variables. It provides an overview of the bitcode file's structure and serves as a starting point for further analysis and investigation.

The tool can be used in conjunction with other LLVM tools for comprehensive analysis, optimization, and transformation of bitcode files. It integrates well with the LLVM ecosystem and enables developers and researchers to explore and understand the internals of LLVM bitcode.

The llvm-bcanalyzer tool is written in C++ and utilizes the LLVM libraries to parse, analyze, and manipulate the bitcode files. Its modular design and extensibility make it easy to integrate with other LLVM components and tools.

As an open-source tool, llvm-bcanalyzer benefits from the active community around LLVM, receiving regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements. It is actively maintained and documented, making it a reliable and widely-used choice for analyzing bitcode files in the LLVM ecosystem.

List of commands for llvm-bcanalyzer:

  • llvm-bcanalyzer:tldr:86120 llvm-bcanalyzer: Print an SGML representation and statistics about a Bitcode file.
    $ llvm-bcanalyzer -dump ${filename-bc}
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  • llvm-bcanalyzer:tldr:afdc6 llvm-bcanalyzer: Print statistics about a Bitcode file.
    $ llvm-bcanalyzer ${filename-bc}
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tool overview