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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool lpstat. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


lpstat is a command line tool used in Unix-like operating systems to retrieve information about printers and print jobs. It stands for "Line Printer Statistics."

  1. With lpstat, users can view information about active and completed print jobs on their system.
  2. It provides a summary of printer status, including whether a printer is accepting jobs, the printer's description, and the printer's location.
  3. Users can get details about a specific printer by specifying its name with the lpstat command.
  4. lpstat also displays information about print queues such as the queue name, the maximum number of pending jobs, and their current status.
  5. It helps users to identify the available printers and their capabilities before initiating a print job.
  6. lpstat provides information about completed print jobs like the job ID, job owner, job status, and the time of completion.
  7. Users can use lpstat to check if a print job has been successfully processed or encountered any errors.
  8. It allows users to cancel specific print jobs or remove all pending print jobs from a printer queue.
  9. Administrators can use lpstat to monitor the printer status and troubleshoot any issues within the printing system.
  10. lpstat is a valuable tool for managing print jobs and printers from the command line, offering insight into the print server's current state.

List of commands for lpstat:

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