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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mc. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


MC, also known as Midnight Commander, is a free and open-source command line file manager tool for Unix-like operating systems. It is a text-based dual-panel file manager that provides a convenient way to browse and manage files and directories in a terminal environment.

The main interface of MC consists of two panels, displaying the contents of two different directories side-by-side. It allows users to navigate through directories, perform file operations such as copy, move, delete, and rename, and view file properties.

MC supports various file operations shortcuts, making it efficient to manage files quickly. It also provides a built-in text editor and viewer, allowing users to open and edit text files within the application.

With its extensive support for archives, MC can extract files from popular archive formats like ZIP, TAR, and RAR, as well as create new archives in these formats.

MC supports file transfers between local and remote systems, using protocols like FTP and SSH. This allows users to seamlessly transfer files between different machines from within MC.

The tool can be customized to a great extent through its configuration files, allowing users to personalize the appearance and behavior of MC according to their preferences.

In addition to its core functionality, MC also provides features like a powerful command line, bookmarking directories, file searching, file permission handling, and support for various character encodings.

MC is highly extensible and many third-party plugins are available to enhance its capabilities. These plugins offer additional functionality like viewing multimedia files, manipulating image files, and integrating with external programs.

Overall, MC is a powerful and versatile command line tool that provides a rich set of features for efficiently managing files and directories in a terminal environment. Its familiar, dual-panel interface and extensive functionality make it a popular choice among power users and system administrators.

List of commands for mc:

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