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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mmdc. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


mmdc is a command line tool used for converting Markdown files into images. It stands for "Mermaid Markdown to Diagram Converter."

The tool is specifically designed to work with Mermaid, a text-to-diagram language used to create various diagrams such as flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and Gantt charts.

mmdc allows you to easily convert Mermaid code in Markdown files into image files in various formats like SVG, PNG, and PDF.

It supports a wide range of Mermaid diagram types, including flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, pie charts, state diagrams, and more.

You can customize the appearance of your generated diagrams by using the configuration options provided by mmdc, such as adjusting the size, color, and style.

mmdc is written in JavaScript and can be installed and used on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It is a highly versatile tool that can be integrated into various workflows, such as documentation generation, code documentation, presentations, and blogging.

mmdc provides command line arguments and options that allow you to control the conversion process, specify input and output files, and adjust the output resolution.

It supports batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple Markdown files containing Mermaid code into images with a single command.

mmdc is actively maintained and has a large community of users and contributors, ensuring ongoing updates and support for future versions.

List of commands for mmdc:

  • mmdc:tldr:60925 mmdc: Convert a file to the specified format (automatically determined from the file extension).
    $ mmdc --input ${input-mmd} --output ${output-svg}
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  • mmdc:tldr:b5036 mmdc: Specify the theme of the chart.
    $ mmdc --input ${input-mmd} --output ${output-svg} --theme ${select}
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  • mmdc:tldr:e0253 mmdc: Specify the background color of the chart (e.g. `lime`, `"#D8064F"`, or `transparent`).
    $ mmdc --input ${input-mmd} --output ${output-svg} --backgroundColor ${color}
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tool overview