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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool nix-channel. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Nix-channel is a command-line tool used in the Nix package manager system to manage and manipulate software channels. Software channels are repositories that contain collections of packages or software available for installation.

With Nix-channel, users can add, remove, update, and list channels. Channels can be local or remote, allowing users to maintain a collection of trusted sources for package installation.

Users can add channels using the nix-channel --add command followed by the channel location, which can be a local system directory or a remote URL.

The nix-channel --update command updates the channel and synchronizes it with the latest package definitions available in the channel.

Removing a channel is as simple as using the nix-channel --remove command followed by the channel name or URL.

The nix-channel --list command displays a list of all currently configured channels on the system.

Users can also specify a specific channel for package installation using the --channel flag in conjunction with the nix-env command.

Nix-channel is an essential tool for managing software channels and adding/removing trusted sources for package installations in Nix. It allows users to keep their package sources up to date and control the software installations on their system.

The tool is flexible and intuitive, providing easy access to package repositories and simplifying the process of discovering and installing software using Nix.

List of commands for nix-channel:

tool overview