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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool omf. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


OMF, or Object Module Format, is a command line tool primarily used in the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is used to manipulate object files, which are intermediate files generated during the compilation of software programs.

The tool offers various functionalities such as viewing, creating, and modifying object files in different formats like COFF, CodeView, and OMF formats.

OMF allows users to extract information from object files, such as symbol tables, relocations, and sections. It aids in examining the structure and contents of object files for debugging and analysis purposes.

The tool also provides options to modify object files by adding or removing sections, symbols, and relocations. This allows for customization of object files according to specific requirements.

OMF can convert object files between different formats, enabling compatibility and interoperability between different development tools. It plays a crucial role in integrating code from multiple sources and libraries.

When working with OMF, users can specify different options and parameters to control the behavior of the tool. These include specifying input and output files, selecting specific sections or symbols for manipulation, and providing custom configurations.

OMF is often used in conjunction with other development tools and libraries to generate executables or libraries for Windows-based applications. It helps ensure the correct linking and interaction between different modules of a software project.

The tool is primarily used by developers, software engineers, and researchers involved in software development and debugging on the Windows platform. It assists in low-level programming tasks and provides valuable insights into the internals of object files.

OMF is a versatile and powerful command line tool that aids in the management and analysis of object files in Windows. Its flexibility and extensive feature set make it an essential component in the software development process.

It is important to consult the official documentation or help files for precise usage instructions and to understand the full range of features and options provided by OMF.

List of commands for omf:

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