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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool osv-scanner. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


OSV-Scanner is a command-line tool used for scanning and analyzing open-source projects for security vulnerabilities. It is designed to assist developers and security analysts in identifying potential risks in their software dependencies. The tool leverages the Open Source Vulnerabilities (OSV) database, which maintains a comprehensive list of known vulnerabilities in open-source packages.

With OSV-Scanner, users can easily integrate vulnerability scanning into their development pipeline. It supports various package managers and programming languages, allowing developers to scan projects written in Python, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, and more. It automatically fetches the latest vulnerability information from the OSV database, ensuring up-to-date scanning results.

The scanner analyzes project dependencies by inspecting package manifests, examining declared versions, and comparing them with the security database. It identifies and reports any known vulnerabilities found, providing detailed information such as CVE identifiers, severity ratings, and references to mitigation strategies.

By using OSV-Scanner, developers can proactively detect vulnerabilities in their open-source dependencies and take necessary actions to address them. It helps prevent potential security breaches, improve the overall security posture of software projects, and ensure the trustworthiness of the codebase.

The scanner can be easily integrated into popular CI/CD tools or used as a standalone command-line application. It supports both local scanning and scanning remote repositories, offering flexibility to fit different workflows. It provides clear and readable output, making it easy to understand and act upon the results.

OSV-Scanner is maintained and supported by a dedicated team at Google, ensuring its reliability and continuous updates. It is an open-source tool, allowing users to contribute to its development and improvement. The scanner promotes transparency and community collaboration to enhance the security of open-source software ecosystems.

List of commands for osv-scanner:

tool overview