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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool prosodyctl. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Prosodyctl is a powerful command-line tool used for managing the Prosody XMPP server. It enables administrators to easily manage and configure various aspects of the server through the command line. Here are ten key features and functionalities of prosodyctl:

  1. Installation: Prosodyctl is included with the Prosody XMPP server, making it readily available to users upon installation.

  2. User Management: It allows administrators to create, delete, and modify user accounts for the XMPP server.

  3. Group Management: With prosodyctl, administrators can create and manage groups of users, enabling efficient management of permissions and access control.

  4. Virtual Host Management: It supports the creation and management of multiple virtual hosts, allowing administrators to host multiple domains on a single Prosody server instance.

  5. Component Management: Prosody supports components/plugins, and prosodyctl provides commands to manage, enable, and disable these components easily.

  6. Certificate Management: Administrators can use prosodyctl to generate, install, and manage SSL/TLS certificates for secure communication between the server and clients.

  7. Module Management: Prosody supports various modules, and prosodyctl offers commands to enable, disable, and configure these modules.

  8. Logging: It provides log management functionality, permitting administrators to view logs, set log levels, and manage log files.

  9. Server Control: Prosodyctl offers commands to start, stop, restart, and reload the Prosody server, making it easy to control the server's operation.

  10. Configuration Validation: prosodyctl includes a configuration checker that allows administrators to verify the syntax and correctness of the Prosody configuration files, ensuring a stable server setup.

Overall, prosodyctl simplifies the administration and configuration of the Prosody XMPP server, providing a comprehensive set of commands for user management, host management, certificate management, and more, making it an indispensable tool for Prosody server administrators.

List of commands for prosodyctl:

tool overview