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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool qcp. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Qcp is a command line tool that stands for "Quick Copy." It is used to quickly copy files and directories from one location to another on Unix-like systems. The tool was developed by the FreeBSD project and is included in their operating system.

Qcp provides a fast and efficient way to duplicate files and directories. It is designed to be used in scripts or command line environments where a simple and rapid file copying tool is required. The tool is known for its simplicity and ease of use.

Qcp supports both recursive and non-recursive copying. Recursive copying allows the tool to copy entire directories and their contents, while non-recursive copying is used to copy individual files.

Users can specify the source and destination paths for the files or directories to be copied. The tool also provides options to control the behavior of the copying process, such as preserving file attributes and timestamps.

Qcp uses a straightforward syntax, allowing users to quickly grasp and utilize its functionality. The tool displays progress information during the copying process, keeping users informed about the status of their copy operations.

Since qcp is a command line tool, it can be easily integrated into scripts and automated tasks. It is particularly useful for repetitive copying tasks, where speed and efficiency are important.

Qcp is primarily available for Unix-like systems, but it may also be available for other operating systems that have adopted or derived from the FreeBSD project.

Though lesser-known than some other file copying tools, qcp remains a useful and reliable command line utility that gets the job done quickly and effectively. Its simplicity and straightforwardness make it a popular choice among experienced Unix users.

List of commands for qcp:

  • qcp:tldr:7a2bf qcp: Copy files, but swap the positions of the source and the target filenames in the editor.
    $ qcp --option swap ${*-jpg}
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  • qcp:tldr:a6f0d qcp: Copy a single file (open an editor with the source filename on the left and the target filename on the right).
    $ qcp ${source_file}
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tool overview