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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool salt-run. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Salt-run is a command line tool provided by the SaltStack platform, which is an open-source infrastructure management and configuration tool. It enables users to execute various predefined operations and scripts on Salt minions, without the need to define or run a state or configuration file. Salt-run operates in a master-minion architecture, where the master controls and manages the minions.

With salt-run, administrators can perform tasks such as orchestrating complex deployments, managing system updates, running ad-hoc commands, and executing custom scripts across multiple minions simultaneously. It offers a high level of automation and flexibility, making it useful for managing large-scale IT infrastructures.

The tool provides various built-in modules that offer functionality like managing jobs, managing events, executing remote commands, managing runners, and more. Users can extend this functionality by developing custom modules to meet their specific requirements. Salt-run also supports authentication and encryption, ensuring secure communication between the master and minions.

The command syntax for salt-run follows the pattern: 'salt-run . '. It supports different module categories, such as cache, key, manage, orchestrate, pillar, proxy, scheduler, state, and more. These modules serve different purposes and provide a wide range of capabilities for managing and controlling the minions.

By utilizing salt-run, administrators can efficiently manage and automate various tasks on Salt minions, providing an effective means for centralized infrastructure management and configuration. It is a powerful tool that contributes to the scalability, flexibility, and robustness of the SaltStack platform.

List of commands for salt-run:

tool overview