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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool duplicity. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Duplicity is a command-line tool used for performing encrypted backups and synchronizing files and directories locally or remotely. It uses the rsync algorithm for incremental backups, ensuring efficient utilization of disk space and reducing backup time. Some key features and characteristics of Duplicity include:

  1. Encryption: Duplicity encrypts files using symmetric encryption before sending them to the backup location. This ensures that data remains secure and private, even if it is stored on an untrusted server.

  2. Full and Incremental Backups: Duplicity supports both full and incremental backups. Initially, a full backup is performed, and subsequent backups only include changes made since the last backup. This approach helps save disk space and enhances backup speed.

  3. Remote Backups: Duplicity can backup data to various remote storage locations like FTP, SSH, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and more. This flexibility allows users to store their backups on different platforms or even their own remote servers.

  4. Bandwidth Efficiency: Duplicity uses the rsync algorithm to transfer only the differences between files and directories, reducing the amount of data transferred during backups. This approach also minimizes bandwidth usage and backup time.

  5. Data Deduplication: Duplicity employs data deduplication techniques to eliminate redundant chunks of data. It means that if two files have identical content, only one copy is stored, optimizing storage space.

  6. Integrity Checks: After each backup, Duplicity verifies the integrity of backups by comparing file signatures between the source and backup locations. This ensures the consistency and reliability of backed-up data.

  7. Simplicity: Duplicity provides a straightforward command-line interface, allowing users to define backup configurations and perform backups with ease. It supports a wide range of command-line options to customize backup behavior as per individual requirements.

Overall, Duplicity is a powerful and flexible command-line tool that offers robust backup capabilities, encryption, efficient data transfer, and support for various remote storage locations. It is suitable for both personal and enterprise backup needs.

List of commands for duplicity:

  • duplicity:tldr:77ccd duplicity: List the available backups.
    $ duplicity collection-status "file://${absolute-path-to-backup-directory}"
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  • duplicity:tldr:b48fd duplicity: List the files in a backup stored on a remote machine, via ssh.
    $ duplicity list-current-files --time ${YYYY-MM-DD} scp://${user@hostname}/path/to/backup/dir
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  • duplicity:tldr:bb06e duplicity: Backup a directory to Amazon S3, doing a full backup every month.
    $ duplicity --full-if-older-than ${1M} --use-new-style s3://${bucket_name[-prefix]}
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