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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool in-toto-record. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


in-toto-record is a command line tool used for generating metadata about software supply chains. It is a part of the in-toto framework developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

The primary purpose of in-toto-record is to create a comprehensive record of all the steps performed during the development and deployment of software. It allows developers to track and verify the integrity of the entire supply chain and ensure that the software is free from tampering.

in-toto-record uses cryptographic techniques to create signed and timestamped metadata, providing a verifiable trail of actions performed by different parties involved in the software development process.

The tool generates a metadata file that contains information about all the operations performed on the software, such as package installations, code signatures, and file modifications. These records are stored in a human-readable format.

in-toto-record supports the use of multiple key pairs, allowing different stakeholders to sign the metadata at different stages of the supply chain, enhancing accountability and traceability.

Developers can use in-toto-record as a standalone tool or integrate it into their existing software development workflow. It is compatible with various programming languages and platforms.

The metadata generated by in-toto-record can be stored in a centralized repository or distributed among multiple parties as needed. The cryptographic signatures ensure the authenticity and integrity of the metadata.

Using in-toto-record can aid in detecting and preventing supply chain attacks, unauthorized modifications, and vulnerabilities in the software supply chain.

in-toto-record is an open-source tool, offering transparency and allowing the community to contribute and improve its functionalities.

Overall, in-toto-record provides a robust solution for creating verifiable and trusted metadata, enabling secure software supply chain management and reducing the risk of tampering and compromise.

List of commands for in-toto-record:

  • in-toto-record:tldr:2ff32 in-toto-record: Start the record (creates a preliminary link file).
    $ in-toto-record start -n ${edit-files} -k ${path-to-key_file} -m ${-}
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  • in-toto-record:tldr:f360b in-toto-record: Stop the record (expects a preliminary link file).
    $ in-toto-record stop -n ${edit-files} -k ${path-to-key_file} -p ${-}
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tool overview