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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mix. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Mix is a command line tool primarily used in Elixir programming language for building, managing, and configuring Elixir projects. It is a build tool that integrates various functionalities like compiling source code, managing dependencies, running tests, and generating releases.

Mix comes bundled with Elixir and provides a developer-friendly interface for performing project-related tasks. It uses a declarative language called Mixfile to define project dependencies, compilers, and other project-specific configurations.

Mix builds projects by compiling Elixir source code into bytecode, which can then be executed on the Elixir Virtual Machine (BEAM). It automatically resolves and fetches project dependencies from package repositories like Hex, simplifying the process of managing libraries and applications.

The tool also allows running tests through its test task, which discovers and executes test files within the project. Mix provides built-in support for various test frameworks like ExUnit, making it easy to write and run tests.

Additionally, Mix enables the creation of application releases, which package the project along with its dependencies as a standalone package. This release package can be deployed and executed on target systems without requiring Elixir or Mix to be installed on them.

Mix provides a variety of built-in tasks, such as creating new projects, compiling code, running the interactive Elixir shell, managing dependencies, running code formatters, and more. Users can also create their own custom mix tasks for performing specialized tasks specific to their projects.

Mix makes it straightforward to create, manage, and build Elixir projects, offering a unified interface for common development tasks. Its integration with other Elixir tools and its flexibility make it an essential part of the Elixir development ecosystem.

List of commands for mix:

tool overview