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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool roave-backward-compatibility-check. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Roave-backward-compatibility-check is a command-line tool developed by Roave, an open-source software company. It is designed to assist PHP developers in identifying backward compatibility breaks in their code when upgrading to newer PHP versions.

  1. The tool analyzes the codebase and checks for potential issues, such as deprecated functions, removed methods, or changes in behavior between different PHP versions.

  2. It assists developers in ensuring that their code is compatible with both the current PHP version and any desired future versions.

  3. Roave-backward-compatibility-check uses static analysis techniques to detect potential issues without requiring the code to be executed.

  4. It supports scanning both individual PHP files and entire directories, making it convenient for projects of any size.

  5. The tool provides a detailed report that highlights any backward compatibility breaks found within the codebase.

  6. Roave-backward-compatibility-check aims to save developers time by automating the detection of potential issues, enabling them to address them proactively.

  7. It offers options to customize the detection rules according to specific project requirements, allowing developers to fine-tune the analysis process.

  8. The tool can be integrated into continuous integration pipelines or build processes, ensuring compatibility checks are performed regularly.

  9. Roave-backward-compatibility-check is open-source, licensed under the permissive MIT license, making it accessible and freely available for use and modification.

  10. It is actively maintained by the Roave team, which means that bug fixes, improvements, and updates are regularly released to ensure compatibility with the latest PHP versions.

List of commands for roave-backward-compatibility-check:

tool overview